Technology helps businesses reduce gaps in customer service during COVID-19 crisis

Technology helps businesses reduce gaps in customer service during COVID-19 crisis

Covid-19 continues to disrupt businesses, and our ‘normal’ way of life. Contact centres are struggling to handle a massive surge of incoming calls. Companies like airlines, banks, delivery services, and many e-commerce businesses are having a hard time keeping wait times down. Meanwhile, customers remain on hold for an extremely long time, sometimes even hours.

For some, its the increased call volume created by the pandemic. For others, its a lack of staff as companies have let people go or have fewer people working due to precautionary health measures. Many businesses are facing all of these challenges combined.

Technology can help

While customer service representatives must work from home, you are trying to run your business on a limited staff. You want to be there for customers, and adapting with some helpful technology might remove gaps in your customer service. Here are some ways you can do that.

Automated phone systems

For some, a simple automated phone system might help you manage inbound calls. Having a well-designed menu of prompts can guide customers to find the information they need, without needing a person there to answer every call. Having your phone prompts professionally voiced and produced can provide customers with a warm, professional greeting as they find the information or person they need.

If you already have an automated phone system, now might be a good time to update it. Make sure your greetings and prompts reflect the current situation, so customers are made aware of your limitations upfront. Everyone is facing this crisis, and so there will be understanding, as long as your messaging provides clear instructions on how they can still get the information, product, or service they need.

AI software

Artificial intelligence software, like chatbots for live chat support, and other automated systems, can help your contact centres manage inbound messages. These software programs can help your team work remotely, assisting a large volume of customers, so the actual call volume coming into your reps is more manageable. Some customers might prefer getting fast and accurate service from a chatbot online, rather than taking the time to make a call and risk having to wait. Read more about how coronavirus is prompting companies to adopt AI call centre solutions.

If you need to re-organize and update your automated phone system prompts, On Air can help you with that. Please contact us for more details.