How voiceover, script and music can make or break your messages on hold

How voiceover, script and music can make or break your messages on hold

Putting your customers on hold isn't ideal, but you can help them have a positive experience when you must. Silence, a single music loop, or playing the radio on hold can make your callers feel frustrated or bored. On the other hand, a well-crafted message on hold, with the right combination of voice and music, can enhance your brand image, market your business, and keep callers engaged.

The Voiceover

The voiceover is the voice of your brand when customers are listening on hold. It should reflect the personality and values of your company and sound professional, welcoming, and engaging.

Choosing the right voice is crucial. That voice sets the tone for the entire on-hold experience. On Air can help you select a voice that aligns with your brand identity—whether it's friendly and conversational, authoritative and professional, or upbeat and energetic.

Experienced voice talent knows how to make your script come alive! The voiceover artist will also vary their tone, pitch, and speed to ensure your messages on hold are engaging and don't become background noise.

The Script

Transitioning smoothly between messages is equally important. When we write your on hold script, we divide it into 8 to 10 prompts. Each prompt will have a different message and can help break things up and pique a caller's interest. Keeping the prompts short and changing them up will help you keep the caller's attention.

You can fill your prompts with information about your company, deals and promotions, jokes and trivia, special events or seasonal greetings. Then, the voiceover will take your script and ensure it's voiced in line with your brand image.

The Music

Music can evoke emotions and create a mood. The right music can transform a mundane on-hold experience into a memorable one. We've all heard the same on hold music loops, which are often used by several companies, over and over again!

When On Air selects music for your message on hold, we consider your target audience and the image you want to convey. For example, a sophisticated jazz tune might suit a law firm, while a tech company might opt for something modern and upbeat. Choosing music is something we can work with you on.

We'll also pay attention to the volume levels when producing your audio. The music should complement the voiceover, not overpower it. Striking the right balance ensures callers can clearly hear your message and that they are engaged rather than annoyed.

Work with On Air

On Air has a lot of experience creating professional messages on hold for businesses across various industries. Our experienced writers will craft a script that aligns with your objectives and brand voice. Then, we will choose the best voice talent for your business from our vast voiceover artist bank. We'll combine those voiced prompts with the right music and ensure that every caller on hold will still have a positive customer experience.

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