Why telecom companies should offer professional voice recordings

Why telecom companies should offer professional voice recordings

Do you offer services like phone systems, VoIP, tele-data solutions, speech applications, translation services and/or other telecommunication services? What if you could offer your customers the full package, including the professional voice recordings they’ll need to complete their systems?

On Air offers professional audio recordings for phone system prompts, voice mail greetings, messages on hold and other features often offered by telecom providers. Having those professional voice services in your arsenal as a reseller can really pay off. If you’re looking for voice solutions to compliment your products and services, we want to partner with you!

Here’s why it’s a good idea:

Your customers need what On Air offers.

Once you make a sale and the customer’s phone system is installed and configured, they will need to have greetings and phone system prompts recorded. Professional voice recordings far surpass the quality of any customer self-recorded messages. They also improve the overall experience for the caller and that is better for your customer’s business. By partnering with On Air as a reseller, you can include professional greeting and voice prompt packages with your phone system sales. We provide the recordings at a marked down rate to you, so you make a profit on it.

It will increase the value of your service and product offerings.

Providing professional voice recordings will add value to your offerings. If your customer must record these themselves, it will lower the perceived value of your service and product. When they hear a polished, professional voice on their phone system, they’ll be pleased with their choice. Their callers will be pleased too.

Create new revenue streams.

Providing custom recordings to your customers allows you to increase your offering, thus increasing your revenue. They order their telecommunications package, including voice over recordings, and we provide them for you at a discounted reseller price. Your clients will benefit from the recordings too, as they will provide a better phone experience for their customers and increase sales.

Customers want all-in-one, turnkey solutions.

We bundle our cable with internet, our mobility contracts with our tablet data contracts, even our vehicle maintenance can be packaged with multiple services. As consumers, we want to get more value in the products and services we purchase. We can offer voice recording packages to you, and then you can add those services to your own phone service packages. Offering this turnkey phone system solution will attract new customers to your business and retain the ones you already have.

If you’re a company that requires voice solutions to make you sound as good as you look, then we’d like to help. Joining forces with On Air means you’ll be getting access to voices that could take your business, and your customer’s business to new heights.

Partner with us today!