Why a message on hold program for your dental group makes sense

Why a message on hold program for your dental group makes sense

If you’re a multi-location dental corporation, there is a cost-effective solution that can improve caller experience while enhancing your group’s brand. On Air specializes in message on hold services for large companies, including corporations with multiple locations. Using the same service for all your clinics has several advantages.

Quality consistent messaging

For several clinics operating under the same dental group, the brand message should remain consistent throughout every location. The tone and brand voice should be consistent, and the quality and content of the messages too. Operating under the same umbrella provides a unique opportunity for individual clinics. Because each clinic is part of a larger group, there are more resources and a greater reach to enhance brand awareness through all marketing and communications – including messages on hold.

Unite every clinic within your dental group by presenting callers with a consistent, professional greeting and on-hold messaging. We can work with your group to ensure your on-hold messaging is updated and synced with your other marketing initiatives.

Multi-location message on hold packages are cost-effective

Signing up your dental group for a multi-location message on hold package is cost-effective. While each location will have slightly different information for their address, website, and hours, etc., many message prompts can be used for every location. This grouping allows us to provide a lower cost to your corporation.

When you compare this to purchasing a message on hold package for each clinic, you’ll see how quickly your savings add up with group pricing. The more locations you have, the better the pricing is per location.

Professional message on hold is good for business

A professionally written, voiced, and produced message on hold will provide a better experience for your patients. No one wants to wait on hold, but when it’s necessary, they’ll be listening to friendly, informative information about your clinics and corporation.

Studies show that callers are more likely to stay on the line if they’re listening to quality messages on hold They are more likely to hang up when left in silence. Engaging your customers with your unique messaging will keep them on the line and improve customer service overall. That is good for business.

Experienced message on hold service providers

On Air has more than 25 years of experience on setting up successful message on hold programs and services to large, multi-location organizations. We offer the complete turn-key packages, including professional scriptwriting, voice-overs, production, and audio distribution. Your dedicated account manager and service team will provide regular service checks. These checks will ensure that everything is running smoothly and see if you need updates to your messaging.

If you want to listen to some message on hold sample, we are happy to send some. We look forward to working with your dental corporation. Contact us to get started!