Where do you hear voiceovers? Everywhere.

Where do you hear voiceovers? Everywhere.

Professional voiceovers and audio recordings are everywhere. You might not give it much thought, but you probably hear a voiceover several times a day.

Every time you hear one, think of a professional voiceover artist in front of a microphone, giving life to a script. Then, recording studios like On Air take those recorded voices and turn them into bits of audio that you encounter daily.

Like where?

Here’s where you’ll hear a professional voice over

Video games: Video game narration has become a huge part of the voiceover and audio recording industry! If you’re a gamer, we bet you’re thinking about those familiar video game voices right now.

Radio and television: Old-school advertising on radio, followed by television, is where the professional commercial voiceover began. After all these years, there are still incredible voice talents behind those advertisements. Check out this radio commercial that is commercial-free (but is really an ad for Snickers).

YouTube: Hear that voice while you wait five seconds to click “skip ad”? That’s a professional voiceover at work.

TikTok: This platform showcases a range of voices, from the amateur user in junior high to popular influencers and brands that take their TikTok voiceovers to the next level.

Explainer Videos: Watching a video on how to fix your leaky faucet? Enjoy that voiceover guiding you through the project.

Digital advertising: Like radio ads, little audio commercials come on while you’re enjoying streaming services like Spotify or YouTube music. Those 15 to 30-second spots were voiced and produced in a recording studio like ours! Does this digital ad voiceover make you want to Never Stop Exploring?

In-store advertisements: Sometimes, a store employee will come onto the PA to let you know the store is closing in 15 minutes. That’s not a voiceover recording, but the in-store advertisements that come on over the PA to let you know about the special on products in-store are!

When you’re waiting on hold: No one loves being put on hold, but while we wait, it’s better to hear a professional voiceover instead of silence. On Air works with voice talent to create those messages on hold.

Audiobooks: These professional voiceovers are storytellers. We can all agree; it’s nice to be read to by someone with an awesome voice from time to time.

Websites: Some businesses use web audio to engage with users. If that audio includes a voiceover, we can provide it.

Self check-out: After paying for your groceries at the self check-out, the machine thanks you for your purchase and reminds you to grab the receipt. That is a professional voiceover.

That course you’re taking online: Are you taking a course online? Those e-learning videos include audio and professionally voiced narration. It was recorded and produced in a studio like ours. Check out this example of e-learning audio.

Inflight announcement:Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our descent. At this time, we ask that you remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened for the remainder of the flight.” Voiceover.

Airport announcement: “Please do not leave your baggage unattended.” Voice-over.

Text to Speech: When your Google Maps tells you that in 300 metres, you turn left on 17th street, that is a voiceover put together with text to speech AI.

Audio assistance for the visually impaired: Voiceovers are used to provide audio assistance, including narration, and descriptions on visual media for those with visual disabilities.

Automated phone prompts: That voice guiding you through an automated phone system menu is a voiceover recorded with professional equipment. For example, the phone prompts you hear when using telephone banking or telehealth services are professional voiceovers that On Air provides.

Guided audio tours: Often, museums, historical monuments, and other attractions will offer guided audio tours. That lovely voice explaining the artifacts, history, and interesting information was recorded in a professional recording studio like On Air. Sometimes, you can even listen to audio guides from home.

Need a voiceover?

On Air is a professional recording studio that can create professionally voiced and produced audio. Commercial recordings, messages on hold, phone prompts, and any examples we listed above, are all voiceovers we provide for businesses like yours.

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