When you can’t answer the phone, quality messages on hold are the next best thing

When you can’t answer the phone, quality messages on hold are the next best thing

There’s no doubt that most people would rather talk to a live customer service representative than wait on hold. On Air offers audio recording services for messages on hold, but we wholly understand that people want to speak with a live human being.

But, sometimes, that is not possible. For example, your business might be too busy at peak times to get to every call right away. Or, you could be dealing with some emergency, and those incoming calls must wait. For some, a call answering service to pick up those calls won’t work for your business or your budget.

Messages on hold are better than silence

Okay, so your customers would rather speak to a human, but listening to a well-scripted and professionally recorded message on hold is still better than waiting in silence. This consumer survey showed that the average person was willing to wait on hold for six minutes. It also said that women were twice as likely as men to be willing to wait 10 minutes or longer.

We know that, on average, callers who hear engaging information and music will stay on hold for three minutes longer than callers who wait in silence. A well-crafted, professional and friendly message on hold can extend that wait time and keep your customers on the line longer.

Professional messages on hold improve the caller’s experience

We’ve all been on hold, listening to that dreaded music loop. It’s not the best. But your messages on hold don’t have to be like that. On Air works hard to create engaging, informative, and interesting scripts backed with professional voice talent and a wide range of music. Good music. Our goal is to enhance the caller’s experience when they must wait on hold. We know it’s not ideal, but we can help you mitigate that customer’s annoyance by giving them something better to listen to.

Improve the caller’s experience until you can wow them with your customer service

So, if your quality messages on hold got the customer to hang on the line for 6 to 10 minutes longer, it means they’ll still be there so you can wow them with your live human customer service.

We all want to speak to a person when we call a business. The consumer survey showed that nearly 70% of participants’ preferred communication method was talking with a customer representative. The other two preferred methods were via email and online chat with a live agent.

Respondents shared that the most important qualities of a customer service agent are a willingness to help, the ability to solve their problems, and product and service knowledge. They also want to speak to agents who are pleasant, friendly, and have a compassionate attitude.

These are qualities your business has and can show to your customers as soon as you get on the line. In the meantime, improve their waiting experience with something good to listen to. People generally understand that you can’t get to every call right away, and you can give them the next best thing until you’re ready to give them 100% of your attention.

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