Virtual phone system solutions for a remote workforce

Virtual phone system solutions for a remote workforce

With the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, most non-essential workers were required to work remotely from home. Even before the public health emergency and lockdowns, many business owners were choosing to run a mobile or remote workforce. Now that things are starting to reopen again, many businesses are choosing to adjust the way they work and working from home might be a more common practice. To do that effectively, you will need to look into some technology to assist your business with communication.

A standard automated phone system requires desktop telephones, as well as other hardware, to operate. Automated phone prompts, voicemail greetings, and messages on hold have relied on these things to help businesses manage their communication. If you run your business from a mobile phone, what are your options?

Virtual phone systems

Like a standard phone system, a virtual system can connect your team to a central telephone network using their mobile phones and the internet. Using cloud technology, you will be able to manage calls, make transfers, and have phone system prompt menus guiding callers to the right extension.

A virtual phone system uses the internet to connect mobile phones and other devices to a standard phone line. You don't need multiple telephone lines or other hardware and equipment like a standard phone system. Your virtual phone system is in the cloud.

When someone calls the business phone number, they will hear an automated phone greeting just like a conventional automated phone system. Then the caller can choose an option from a menu to reach the person or department they wish to contact. That call is then transferred to that employee's mobile phone. Virtual phone systems are an excellent choice for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote workforces of any size.

You'll need the right software

There are several virtual phone system software options available on the market. Many VoIP phone system providers now offer a virtual cloud-based system, and even mobile service providers are starting to provide options for virtual phone systems.

Fortunately, cloud-based phone systems offer great features for less cost compared to a traditional phone system. You can have options like automated attendants, voicemail greetings, messages on hold, call recording, call forwarding, and even video conferencing, instant messaging, and online meetings. Some software programs are available for a one-time fee, while others might require an annual or monthly fee after set-up.

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Keeping things simple

If your needs are simple, or you're just a one-person show, you might not need an entire virtual phone system. On Air can help provide you with some simple recordings you might need. For example, we can provide a professionally recorded voice mail greeting to use on your mobile business phone. We can also offer services for other audio you might need for your website, videos, or other communication materials.

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