Using a Professional Voice Over in Your App

Using a Professional Voice Over in Your App

Developing an app can be a major investment, you want to set it up for success. Not only do you want to properly define your target market and build your application to best reach them and meet their needs, you also want to make sure your app provides a good user experience.

There are two main factors that can help determine your applications success: providing a solution for the user, or allowing them to complete a function, and providing a positive experience so they keep using it and recommend it to their friends.

Hey, I’ve got a great idea for an app!

That is usually how your mobile app development process will begin. You’ve identified a problem among potential users and have an idea on how a mobile application can provide a solution. You’ve defined your target users, hired a reputable app developing firm and built a model for generating revenue and analysing user behavior.

The next step is the app’s design. How the application will look and function, and how users can move through the app are all important factors of it’s design. Part of your application’s design can include audio narration or instructions to further enhance user experience.

Why should I use a voice over in my app?

Listening to verbal instructions, instead of or in addition to reading, can make it easier for users to obtain information and for them to use your app. It brings one more level of interaction that keeps the user engaged and makes information more accessible. Using a professional voice over in your application will add an appealing and helpful element and enhance the user’s experience.

Ideas for incorporating a voice over in your app:

Essentially, you could add a voice over to any application. Here are some types of applications that could benefit from a professional voice over:

Education: If your application provides an eLearning experience, you can enhance both the experience and information retention with a voice over. Whether it’s for corporate training or for post-secondary education, a voice over narration can guide users through the process and provide an interactive learning experience.

Travel: The right voice can truly capture the excitement of travel! Use a voice over in your travel application to provide information on destinations, attractions, activities and more.

Fitness and Health: Fitness applications are very popular. A voice can offer encouragement and remind users of their goals and track things like kilometres walked, ran or biked, calories and other nutritional information.

Finance: An application that helps people with their banking, taxes and investing can benefit from a professional, confident and friendly voice over to provide explanations and instructions.

Video games: If you’re developing a fun, new app video game there are many opportunities to include a professional voice over. It could be used to provide instructions for the game or as part of the game itself. For example, a preschool game that helps children learn their letters could have a friendly voice over saying the letters and their sounds.

Medical: Medical apps can help users with reminders to take their medication, go to appointments, trouble shoot symptoms and some even help measure vital signs like your heart rate and blood pressure. Having a voice over give instructions or reminders throughout these options can make using a medical app more personal and comfortable.

Finding the right voice for your mobile app.

Looking for the perfect voice for your mobile app? This is where we can help. On Air works with a vast and varied pool of voice talent. We can help you find the type of voice that would best help reach your target users and align with your vision for the project.

Once you have the voice over artist, we can start with production. On Air can provide any type of audio format your application might require. Learn more about audio format conversion. You’ll receive a quality voice and professional audio production that will enhance both the function and user experience for your exciting new application.

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