Troubleshooting poor-quality phone audio issues

Troubleshooting poor-quality phone audio issues

Bad phone audio can be frustrating for businesses and their customers. When someone phones your business they should be able to hear you or your audio greetings clearly. Fuzzy audio, too loud voice recordings or dysfunctional message on hold players can all contribute to a negative caller experience.

On Air can help. We specialize in professional audio for phone systems and have an in-depth knowledge of these issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips for your bad phone audio problems:

Issues with audio recordings

Messages on hold, automated phone system prompts (or IVR), and voice mail greetings can all enhance your caller’s experience. They are only beneficial, of course, if they are functioning correctly. If your callers complain about fuzzy audio or too loud or too quiet messages, it might be an issue with the message on hold player, the phone system, or the audio file itself.

If it’s the player, On Air can walk you through some checks of loaded media, connections, wiring, volume controls, and other issues that can cause poor or non-functioning audio players. If we determine the audio file is the culprit, then we can make sure you get your recording in the proper file format for your specific system.

Poor quality VoIP calls

If you use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for your phone system, you might encounter some issues. Echoing, choppy, disjointed audio, or audio delays are possible issues. For example, a phone headset can cause problems with echoing if the microphone is picking up sounds from the headphone.

For choppiness, jittering, or delays, it could be a connectivity problem. If the latter is the case, you should have your IT team check the bandwidth speed or if a firewall setup is causing issues. If you’re having a hard time with your message on hold or automated phone prompts on your VoIP system, connect with us and we can help you troubleshoot the cause.

Landline phone issues

If you have noticed poor call quality with your landline, you can check a few things. For example, your wireless headset might be picking up interference. WiFi networks, cell phones, and even microwaves can cause interference, but you can resolve the problem with a wired headset. Or it could be the phone line itself that has degraded over time. The easiest way to test this is to move your phone to another line and see if the problem persists.

If your landline office phone is causing the problem, you might have to bring in a technician to pinpoint the cause. When poor audio only happens sometimes, it could be an external problem on the caller’s end.  A common occurrence when callers are using a mobile phone.

We can help you troubleshoot

The team at On Air has extensive experience working with messages on hold, phone prompts, and audio greetings – on all types of business phone systems and recorded greeting solutions. We can talk through the problems, help you pinpoint the cause, and provide a solution to get your phone audio back to sounding its best.

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