Transitioning messages on hold to a new phone system

Transitioning messages on hold to a new phone system

There are several benefits to upgrading your phone system, but managing the change can be challenging. Especially when some components of your old system, like your messages on hold, don't seem compatible with the new one.

Sometimes when our clients switch phone systems, we encounter this problem and other challenges. A significant issue is transitioning messages on hold and ensuring they can play properly on the new system. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Hang on to your quality on hold messages

VoIP phone systems offer beneficial features and can be an excellent switch for your business. But, sometimes, VoIP systems don't offer much quality when it comes to on hold options. For example, they might provide some looped instrumental music for your messages on hold. Usually, it's only one audio file, so the caller hears the same things every time they call and are on hold. You know, the same loop you've listened to dozens of times when you've been on hold yourself!

So, while there are several great features of your VoIP system, not much thought has been put into the caller's experience when on hold. Another example would be that some systems provide looped stock music. Or you can use your unique audio file, but only one, and it will play the same file from the beginning every time. That means the caller will only hear the first 30 seconds of your message over and over. Every time they call.

Often, the system will come with stock elevator music. It's easy to feel discouraged and go with that, but it is not a great option! Every business with that phone system has access to that boring audio loop, and callers will hear it repeatedly with your company and others! Opting for engaging, professionally recorded messages on hold with information about your business is the better option.

Fortunately, there are workarounds to these VoIP systems' on-hold audio issues. Forgo the elevator stock music and transition your quality messages on hold into the system so it works correctly. It might take effort and feel confusing, but we are here to help.

On Air can help transition your messages on hold

The process of transitioning your messages on hold to a new system can be complicated and, frankly, not ideal. However, despite the extra effort, it is worth it! On Air has worked with many phone systems and can help you with that transition.

We can determine the audio requirements of the new system and help with uploading your high-quality message on hold audio. Some VoIP systems do message on hold in odd ways, but we have experience finding those workarounds to come up with the best solution for your specific system's parameters.

For example, we can determine if your messages on hold need to be broken up into segments to work with your new VoIP system. Sometimes, when you integrate the message on hold segments like a playlist, you can avoid only hearing the start of your message over and over.

Or, if your current phone system is dated and you want to integrate a new message on hold recording, we can help with that too.

Professional messages on hold are good for business

Professional, engaging, and interesting messages on hold will improve the caller's experience. Messages on hold help keep callers on the line longer and could be the difference between a dropped call and a sale. Moreover, that positive customer experience can improve retention, loyalty, and your bottom line.

Keep your quality messages on hold on that new phone system. We can help!