Tips for effective eLearning Audio

Tips for effective eLearning Audio

We have seen incredible growth in the eLearning industry over recent years. People like the idea of taking courses and instruction whenever and wherever they please. This type of learning allows students to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable environment.

The right voice, narration script, and audio can make an eLearning course more effective, and more pleasant, for the learner. We work with a lot of voice-over artists and help businesses create quality eLearning tools.

Here are some reasons why voice-over quality matters:

The script needs to be clear and concise.

Clear, concise, and to-the-point narration will be easier for a listener to digest. If you’re developing a script for your eLearning voice over, try to give the instructions clearly and simply. You want the listener to be able to absorb the instruction, without it becoming overcrowded with complicated language or unnecessary instruction.

The voice needs to be authentic.

No one wants to learn from a robot. The right eLearning voice over should feel authentic, encouraging and friendly. A genuine voice over will radiate fun and trustworthiness, which will enhance the experience for the learner. Voice overs that lack emotion can make the learning module feel boring. A quality voice can excite and motivate the listener, which is essential to obtaining and retaining information. In short, the learner must feel like another human, not a robot, is teaching them.

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The speed of the voice over matters.

If the voice-over is speaking too quickly, it might feel cluttered and confusing for the listener. If they’re talking too slowly, you might put the learner to sleep. When developing your script, try to match the narration with visuals, and make sure it’s moving with those visuals at a steady pace. A professional audio producer can coach a voice over artist to record the narration at a speed that will best suit your learning module.

Have fun with it!

Your eLearning audio project might feel daunting, especially if the voice-over artist has over 10,000 words to voice! With the help of an experienced and professional audio recording studio, your project can run smoothly and can be a lot of fun too. We can find a voice over artist that is a good match for your eLearning course and one that will make both you and your students feel relaxed and at ease.

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