The downfalls of free online AI translators

The downfalls of free online AI translators

AI technology provides opportunities for business owners to reduce costs and improve productivity, but it’s not quite ready for all applications. For example, AI translation tools have issues that can diminish your messaging and customer trust if you’re not careful.

At On Air, we’ve had some scripts from clients that they created with free online translators like Google Translate and ChatGPT. Often, when our voice talent starts to voice the script, they find all kinds of problems with the translation. Then, we have to do the translation over again.

Here are some downfalls of AI-generated translations for your marketing messages:

Inaccurate and awkward translations

While these tools can be convenient in casual situations, they shouldn’t be trusted unedited for professional use – especially if you’re doing brand or marketing messaging.

Online translations can be inaccurate, awkward and grammatically incorrect. In addition, the same vocabulary can be interpreted differently by different online tools, making your message inaccurate and inconsistent. These mistakes can harm your brand and reputation.

Potentially offensive

AI doesn’t understand cultural nuances. Sometimes, your translation can be culturally inappropriate and even offensive to your audience. Alternatively, professional human translators understand the nuances of the language and potential cultural differences. Furthermore, they understand the nuances of your message and will translate that, too.

It can cost time and money.

Free online translators might seem like a cost-saver, but they could cost you more time and money in the long run. Inaccurate translations might fail to convey your message, so you’ll need a professional to fix it. A bad translation can cost your reputation and even lose customers in worst-case scenarios. Don’t risk it. Trust a company like On Air for your marketing script translations.

You might not know the mistakes.

If you don’t speak the language, you might not have a way to edit and ensure the translation is appropriate. Sending a message to your audience without quality assurance is extremely risky to your brand reputation. Finding a professional translator is worth the cost; you’ll save time and strengthen your brand.

Multilingual voice over services

On Air offers bi-lingual and multilingual voice over services. Our voice artist bank spans the globe, and we can translate your script into several languages. We’ll ensure the meaning and nuance of your messages are not missed and that your message is clear and mistake-free.

Here are some languages we work with:

· Arabic

· Czech

· Cantonese

· Dutch

· Farsi

· Parisian French

· French Canadian

· German

· Hebrew

· Italian

· Japanese

· Korean

· Mandarin

· Portuguese

· Russian

· Spanish

· Swedish

· Punjabi

· Vietnamese

· Turkish

Learn more about our multilingual voice over services.