Pros of digital audio advertising on streaming services

Pros of digital audio advertising on streaming services

Audio streaming is becoming one of the most popular ways people listen to music. Companies like Spotify and Google Play, digital radio stations, and podcasts have created new advertising opportunities. Like traditional radio advertising, companies can now purchase audio ads to reach listeners of these services.

Switching from radio advertising to digital audio advertising

As the radio has become a less popular way to listen to music, many companies are making the switch to digital audio advertising. There are still many pros to radio advertising, but listenership is dropping, and there are lucrative opportunities on popular streaming services.

The price of a radio ad varies depending on the time of day you run the ad. For example, morning show and afternoon drive times are the most popular slots and the most expensive time to run your ads. With digital audio, you pay one price and can reach that audience at various times throughout the day. You now have options to target your specific audience, when they are listening, and on any device!

Radio followship is on a steady decline, but streaming services like Google Play and Spotify continue to grow. They have hundreds of millions of users in countries across the globe. These streaming giants can offer opportunities for geographic ad targeting with audio and visual ads.

Benefits of digital audio advertising

We’ve touched on a few of the advantages already, but additional benefits of digital audio advertising include:

  • Expanding popularity and listener base
  • Accurate demographic and geographic targeting
  • Cost-effective and straightforward campaign budgeting
  • Fewer competitors
  • Ability to reach a massive audience that doesn’t listen to the radio
  • Ability to diversify marketing and advertising methods
  • Audio ads can include a clickable call-to-action to your website

Every streaming service is a little different when it comes to advertising opportunities, types of ads, and pricing. As we see this method of consuming media continue to grow, it’s essential to consider how you can include it in your organization’s long-term marketing plans.

Creating a professional digital audio advertisement

These streaming services sell their ads in timed increments, usually 15, 30, and 60-second spots like radio advertising. Creating a compelling, engaging, and professional-sounding ad is essential for reaching listeners. That is where we can help.

On Air provides commercial recording services for digital audio advertising. We’ll work with you to determine your company’s voice, key selling points, and target audience. From there, one of our professional writers will craft a script that will best reach your audience. A professional voice-over artist will voice your spot, and we’ll produce it according to the script you’ve approved. Production will include the voice-over, background music, and any other special effects.

A professionally written and produced audio ad will provoke the listener’s imagination, so they take the next step in contacting your company. We can help you stand out on those streaming services, so you can take full advantage of this quickly expanding marketing opportunity.

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