Professional phone prompts and messages on hold can improve a patient's experience

Professional phone prompts and messages on hold can improve a patient's experience
Improve Patient Experience

We know that your medical clinic, specialist office or health care services organization has been busy these last few years. Our team wants to thank you for your ongoing commitment and care. Busy clinics feel worn out, and that can get passed on to your patients seeking care.

How poor communication impacts your patients

Unfortunately, busy clinics often experience a high volume of patient calls and long wait times on the phone. Poor communication and long wait times can lead to a negative experience for your patients. As a result, your office can receive damaging online reviews.

A few years back, the Journal of Medical Practice Management published a report that showed that among 35,000 doctor reviews, poor communication was the most common complaint.

Only 1 in 25 patients complained about feeling unhappy with the examination, diagnosis, treatment or health income. However, 96% of reviews showed dissatisfaction with poor communication, long delays, and disorganization. Among the unhappiest patients, 53% shared that communication issues were to blame for their negative experiences.

How professional messages on hold and phone prompts can help

Most of your clinic's communications happen on the phone. If you can't get to a call right away, an automated phone system with professionally recorded prompts can help your patients find the person or information they need. If they must wait on hold, informative, engaging, and helpful messages on hold can improve that experience.

For example, your messages on hold can direct your callers to your website to book or make changes to their appointment. Therefore, increasing the use of your web-based services and decreasing high call volumes.

You can let them know what they need to bring to a doctor's visit, your clinic location, and where to find parking. In addition, messages on hold can share information about your services, tips for a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. This helpful information can improve their overall experience when calling, make them feel welcome, and streamline their office visit.

Professional messaging and voice overs can share empathy

Messages on hold and professional phone prompts can help manage and improve your incoming calls. The right message and voice over can convey compassion, empathy, and patience to your callers. It will reduce frustration and increase satisfaction and make for a positive experience. This is the customer service and care your patients need, now more than ever.

If you're looking for professionally written, recorded and produced voice overs and audio for your clinic's message on hold and IVRs, we can help.

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