Mistakes to avoid when setting up your automated phone menu

Mistakes to avoid when setting up your automated phone menu

Automated phone systems allow you to field multiple calls, routing customers to the person or information they seek. They are beneficial if you have an expanding call volume and can provide fast and accurate information for your callers.

Unfortunately, some businesses can overlook certain things that can diminish the quality of their phone menu and their callers' experience. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Wordy and hard-to-follow phone menu greetings

It must be clear and concise if you want your phone greetings and prompts to route your callers effectively. The voice on your prompts should be friendly but professional, using clear phrasing and instructions. Avoid writing long-winded scripts and jargon when scripting your prompts.

The best way to check your prompts is to read the script aloud to yourself. Is it difficult to read? Does it sound like something a person would actually say? Does it align with your brand voice? Adjust it as necessary if it is awkward, confusing, or stale.

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Not testing the phone menu

Testing your phone menu is vital! You should call your business number and walk yourself through every step and option of the menu. Testing allows you to listen to the call script and determine if it is straightforward. Whether you’re using voice or pressing phone keys to navigate the menu, test each stage to ensure the prompts direct callers wherever they’re supposed to.

Here are some issues that can arise that make testing your phone menu a wise idea:

What if they don’t make a selection?

In addition, testing can catch big mistakes that can frustrate callers. For example, what happens if a caller doesn’t select a phone menu option? Does the menu repeat, or are they left waiting in silence, having to hang up, call back and start again? It would help if you had the menu repeat itself or have a default phone menu option that routes callers to a customer service department so they can get assistance.

What if the phone menu design is ineffective?

Does the phone menu design efficiently route callers to the department, person, or information they require? Testing the menu ensures the greeting scripts are clear and the menu options are in the best order for efficient routing. You also want to ensure the caller finally reaches someone or finds the information at the end of their phone menu navigation. If the menu consistently leads to someone’s voicemail inbox, those are potential calls that will fall through the cracks.

Not using IVR menu options

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, allows callers to interact with a telephone system through the use of voice and tones. Speaking a command to your phone menu can remove barriers for people with disabilities. It is also an effective way to manage call flow. Providing both options (key presses and voice commands) create an accessible and easy-to-navigate phone menu for everyone.

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