If your phone system could make New Year’s Resolutions

If your phone system could make New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions usually include things like losing weight, quitting smoking, or spending more time with family. But what if your automated phone system could make some positive and productive changes too?

When it comes to your phone system, you might think you can just set it and forget it. As the years go by, it can become disorganized and dated. Making some changes this year can create a more effective, customer-focused phone system that is just better for business. Here are some ideas for your phone system new year’s resolutions:

Give your phone system a thorough review.

How your customers are greeted and guided through the phone system can play a big role in their experience and your sales too. Is your phone system doing its job properly or could it use some improvements? Are staff missing calls? Are clients hanging up before they find the information they need? Are your customers being served effectively during peak call times? Find the answers to these questions and adjust your system as necessary.

Ensure the phone system is organized.

Part of that adjustment could be a complete phone system overhaul, going over the nitty gritty details. You have to make sure all of your recorded phone prompts are providing the correct information. Check that all your extensions are leading customers to the right person and that staff that have left the company are no longer listed on the directory. Sometimes drawing out a visual map of your phone system extensions can help with this process! Conducting a voice audio audit of your phone system is also very important, are you using the same voice throughout your phone system? It’s always a good idea to have a consistent voice brand for your customers to identify with.

Switch to a friendly, professional voice.

Do your phone system prompts sound like an indifferent robot? A cold, robotic voice over can date your system and damage customer service. Your customers should be greeted by a helpful, friendly and professional voice.  On Air offers a range of voice over options. We can help you choose a voice for your phone system that is aligned with your brand and that will provide the best customer experience possible for your callers.

Integrate some effective technology.

Business communications has come a long way compared to the old phone systems of the past. Integrating new technology in your company’s communications can make things easier for your employees and better for your clients. For example, you can install mobile apps to receive automatic call forwarding, use virtual faxing and online file storage so you can access important information and help customers no matter where you are. Tech savvy businesses are also using Live Web Chat services, so they can answer customer inquiries in real-time while they’re visiting the company’s website.

If you need help with your recorded phone prompts, contact us. Happy New Year!