How your business can benefit from professional voice over

How your business can benefit from professional voice over

There are many ways your business can use and benefit from a professional voice over. If you want to give your business a competitive edge, integrating a professional voice over artist into some of your marketing and communications can help. Here’s how:

Message On Hold voice overs.

Are your customers made to wait in silence when on hold? You want to get to your calls quickly, but for those high-volume call periods, having a professional message on hold is the next best option. You can create welcoming messages that can help boost your brand, promote products and services, and give your callers a better experience. We can help with that.

Callers who hear helpful information and nice-sounding music will stay on hold about 3 minutes longer compared to customers who hear silence. A big part of your messages on hold is the voice. We will help choose a voice that best suits your brand to keep your customers happy on the line.

Narration for online videos.

Having video content is a great way to get your message out there and expand your audience. Whether you’re creating explainer videos or online video advertisements, a professional voice over artist can make a big difference. With the use of smartphones, small businesses can even create their product promotional videos themselves. Pair that with a professional voice over, and you have a valuable communications tool.

Spice up your podcast.

With the popularity of podcasts, some are creating podcasts specifically for their business. If you are planning to create your own audio content, a professional voice over artist can help create an intro and outro. Having that professional element to your content will grab the listener's attention and give your content more authority too. If you need help producing audio for a business project, connect with us at On Air.

Run ads on the local radio station.

We might live in a digital world, but most people still listen to the good old-fashioned radio. Radio advertising is an affordable option for small business owners. A well-written script and the right voice over artist can help your radio advertising connect with listeners. The right voice can catch attention, create a story in the listener's mind, and engage them effectively with your brand messaging.

When it comes to professional voice overs, On Air can help with just about any project. Our commercial recording services are many, and all customizable to meet your needs. Plus, we have a massive pool of voice talent. We can help you find the perfect voice for your project.

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