How to provide the best caller experience for on-hold customers

It’s not possible to answer every customer’s call right away. That’s why you need a strategy for placing callers on hold. Ultimately, you want your customers to have the best caller experience possible. But how?

How to provide the best caller experience for on-hold customers

First, let’s explore the different on-hold choices available.


The first option is… silence. If you want callers to hang up, silence will do the trick. After all, there’s a good chance your customers will think you accidentally dropped the call. Silence may be the easiest on-hold choice, but it provides the worst caller experience.

Elevator Music

Many phone systems come with free on-hold stock music. While this is better than silence, it’s still not the best option for your business. Stock music is boring and repetitive and is more likely to irritate your customers than encourage them to stay on the line. Plus, there’s a good chance that other companies are using the same default sounds. As a result, your customers will have even less patience for the dreaded music loop.


Some companies play the radio instead of elevator music. However, this comes with its problems. The main issue is that your customers could listen to your competitor’s ads while on hold. The last thing you want is for your customer to hear an ad from a rival company while waiting for someone to answer their call.

Illegally Streaming Playlists

The radio is bad, the elevator music is annoying, and the silence is the worst. But what about music- real music?

If you opt to play music for your waiting customers, you must ensure that you can legally do so. Illegally streaming a playlist is, well, illegal. It can get your business in a lot of trouble.

Custom on-hold messages

Professionally recorded, custom on-hold messages that feature an engaging script are the clear winner for caller experience. Customers will wait longer if they hear valuable information and a well-crafted, friendly message.

Furthermore, they’ll be in a better mood once a representative can speak with them directly. They will be impressed by your customer service and appreciate your empathetic on-hold messaging compared to the other options. By providing the best caller experience possible, you boost customer retention and deepen customer loyalty.

Professional on-hold messages provide the best caller experience

Giving your customers something interesting to listen to is the best way to improve their waiting experience. High-quality on-hold messages are an absolute must for every business. Not sure where to start? Contact On Air today. We enhance caller experience with professional on-hold messages.