How to keep your automated telephone system organized

How to keep your automated telephone system organized

Having an automated phone system allows you to better manage your incoming calls. If you don’t have the human resources to answer each call live, an automated phone system is your next best option.  A caller should hear a professional greeting before being guided to the information or person they are looking to reach through phone prompts.

Common issues with automated telephone systems.

The biggest issue with having an automated phone system, is not knowing how it works or what your customers are hearing when they call. It’s common for companies to have little to no knowledge of how the system works. At On Air, we like to encourage our customers to maintain an organized call flow as it not only makes our job easier when recording your professional greetings, but it also saves you money by not having to record things you might already have.

Not knowing what your customers are experiencing when they call can be problematic. You want to make sure you’re keeping track of your automated phone system, how it guides your callers and the voice recordings and on hold messages that are used to do so. If you are unsure about what’s happening with your phone system, don’t worry, there is something you can do!

Keeping track of your phone system.

If you’re not sure what’s happening when people call your business, it’s time to organize your phone system. Here is a short checklist of things you should do to ensure your phone system is in tip-top shape:

  • Listen to each phone prompt. Are they providing the correct, up-to-date information?
  • Check each extension. Does it lead callers to the right staff member? Are there staff members in the directory that no longer work for your company?
  • Check the voice over. Is the same voice used throughout the entire phone system? Having a consistent voice is good for your company’s brand. If not, ask us about getting a professional phone prompt voice over for your system.

How to document and track your phone system?

There are a few ways to document and track your phone system. You can create a visual map (or phone tree) of your system’s extensions, so you can see where each prompt will lead callers.

For keeping track of passwords, voice prompt scripting, changes and even tracking call flow, it’s important to store everything in a secure and central place.  This way even if there is staff turnaround, the information will still be accessible by those who need it.  Keeping a spreadsheet or tracking it in a regular document can help. There are also software programs available that can help you with this. Whichever you choose, having the information documented will be helpful to you. It will also ensure your phone system is providing effective information and good customer service to your callers.

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