How remote audio recording services can work for your business

How remote audio recording services can work for your business

COVID-19 has changed a lot of the ways we do things. For example, many of us have transitioned to working in home offices, conducting business meetings online, and many businesses offer delivery, curbside pickup, and other contactless services.

The way we offer our audio recording services at On Air has changed too, but not as much as you might think. We were ready to adapt to the latest pandemic situation and have always had the experience and  and technology set up so we could offer professional audio recording services remotely. Here's how:

We're ready and able to adapt

As the pandemic situation changes, so do public health measures and the way we work with customers. We want to ensure our customers' and team's health and safety. We can do that while still providing professional, high-quality audio. If you need an audio recording for your message on hold, phone prompts, or commercial recording, we are flexible and can make sure it happens. Our voice-over machine is ready whether we meet in person, on the phone, through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, or other virtual platforms.

Contactless communication and audio recording works

There are certain benefits to in-person interactions, but contactless communication is possible and effective. We can discuss your project over the phone or on a video call to get all the details. A brief will go to a professional writer for scripting. Or if you have a script, it will be sent to the voice talent of your choice. Often, the voice talent can record the audio in their studio and send it back to us for post production. Then, we complete the project and send the finished audio recordings to you in a way that suits you best.

If we need you or a voice talent in our studio for recording, we can make that happen and are still able follow public health orders. That might include masking, physical distancing, and enhanced sanitation protocols.

Experience providing remote services

In the audio recording industry, we have experience working remotely with team members long before the pandemic. Communicating with clients, drafting scripts, and receiving professional voice-overs can all be done on the phone, online, or in person. No matter which method suits you best, we can ensure a seamless process and product for our customers. Due to the nature of our business, we can tap into a global network of talent, and collaborate with our team and clients from anywhere around the world. Remote audio recording services are safe, easy, quick, and convenient.

We're ready to serve you here in Calgary, Alberta, or anywhere you might be in the world. Check out our services and get in touch with us soon.