Get ready for “Back to Office” with professional voice recordings

Get ready for “Back to Office” with professional voice recordings

This time of year, people are busy preparing for their children to head back to school. Fall is also an excellent month for businesses to prepare for a new season. For many of us, we might be heading “back to office” after working remotely or from summer holidays.

An essential component of running any business is how you manage your inbound calls. Fall is a good time to review your current phone system and determine if it needs to be organized or improved.

Do you have an automated phone system that guides callers through a menu of pre-recorded prompts? Or, if your customer service representatives must place a caller on hold, are they left in silence, or are they listening to an engaging, professionally recorded message on hold? Or do your phones just ring forever, when someone isn’t available to answer?

If you want to make things better by improving the experience for your customers, we can help!

The importance of professionally recorded messages

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. For your current and potential customers who call your business, it’s how they are initially greeted on the other line. For companies that handle a high volume of calls, an automated greeting is acceptable to customers – as long as it’s not drab and robotic. It must also be fast, effective, and well-organized. And, while everyone prefers immediate service, waiting on hold is also acceptable, as long as it’s not for too long, and they’re not left listening to annoying elevator music or worse, nothing at all.

Make a better first impression with professionally voiced and recorded voicemail greetings, phone prompts, and messages on hold. It will also improve the experience for your customer and reduce hang-ups. That’s just better for business.

Purchase your audio recordings online!

It seems buying things online is the way to do things these days. And so, On Air has made it fast and easy for businesses to purchase professional audio recordings for their businesses. We have an online cart, allowing you to place your order for an audio recording any time of day. The online cart is perfect for small business owners who might need a few recordings to help their phone systems sound more professional – and for those who have always wanted to be an audio producer for a day!

How does it work? Just choose a voice, upload your script, wait for us to record your project, and then download your production within 1 to 5 business days. We can do this for call centre voice prompts, voicemail greetings, messages on hold, and practically any other type of recorded telephone messages you might want.

If you have more than 20 prompts to record, we can do that too, and for a volume discount! For more significant projects, it’s best if you contact us directly. Currently the On Air online cart system is for English recording orders only, but you can contact us directly to place your French or Bilingual recordings.

Our online cart system is easy to use and can give your small business the professional boost it needs as it gets “back to the office”. Contact us to learn more.