Can I have messages on hold without an expensive new phone system?

Can I have messages on hold without an expensive new phone system?

In the past, businesses needed to have a sophisticated phone system to have messages on hold play for their callers. It required adequate hardware and equipment to be compatible with on hold messaging, including multiple telephone lines, PBX systems, or complex VoIP phone systems.

For some small businesses and entrepreneurs, this was a roadblock. They wanted to have on hold messaging, but without a compatible phone system, it wasn’t possible. This is not the case anymore.

Simple phone systems available for small businesses

New technology has introduced a solution for small businesses that want to have the features of a sophisticated phone system without the cost or complication. There is a consumer-level phone made by Vtech, that has all the features your business might need – including a port for external messages on hold and an auto attendant option.

The Vtech phone allows for four lines, ten stations, and provides solutions for a mobile or remote workforce. To set it up, connect the main console to your analog phone line, and register your cordless accessories like headsets, desk sets, and handsets. Read more about the Vtech 4-Line Small Business Phone System.

On Air can help your business maximize the benefits of this phone system

This user-friendly phone system is perfect for small businesses or entrepreneurs who want to manage their inbound calls better, but do not have a large budget for a complex commercial phone system. The Vtech phone is relatively inexpensive but has many of the useful features you’d find with a standard phone system.

Messages on hold

The phone has a port for external messages on hold. You can stream your on hold messages by connecting directly to another device like a USB digital on hold player, smartphone, MP3 player or another audio player. Working with On Air, you can create professional messages on hold for your callers. Not only will it make a better caller experience, it’s your opportunity to engage callers and increase your chances of them staying on the line when they are waiting on hold.

Phone prompts

The phone allows for an auto attendant on each line, up to four phone lines. Your phone prompt recordings can answer outside calls and direct them through a company directory. It allows for call forwarding to extensions and, when that extension isn’t available, voice mail greetings prompting them to leave a message. On Air can produce the audio for your phone prompts, so your customers are greeted with a welcoming, professional audio recording.

The Vtech phone is available at Staples and  For more information on messages on hold, phone prompts, and voicemail greetings, contact On Air.