Audio Branding: How does your business sound?

Audio Branding: How does your business sound?

When it comes to branding a business, most people think first about the visuals. How does the logo look? What colours does it use? How can those colours be used on the website and other marketing materials?

Branding your business is more than what people can see. Branding your company should also include what people can hear. Have you considered how your brand should sound?

People connect with sound

Sound connects to memory. This connection is why certain commercial jingles stay in your head, even allowing you to recall a jingle years after it stopped airing.

Not only is sound a powerful tool for helping us remember something, but it can also alter the way we feel. Sound can bring comfort, intrigue, and pleasure. It can also bring on negative emotions like anxiety and frustration. The fact that sound conveys feeling is why your business's sound is essential for building your brand. It can help you connect with your customers positively and beneficially.

Where customers hear your audio brand

Think about all the ways your customers might hear from your company. Where they hear your brand could include:

No matter how a customer hears your business, you must be sharing your audio brand in every format.

How to build an audio brand

Know your target audience: Building a brand strategy for how your business sounds can be similar to how you would build a visual brand. Consider your target audience and decide what sounds might appeal to them the most. Consider their age, customer behaviour, and what they're looking for when contacting your company.

Know your brand identity: Your sound must match the rest of your brand identity. Because sound can make us feel a certain way, it's essential to decide what emotion you want to convey and how it aligns with your overall brand. Sounds, voices, and music can be fun and carefree or serious and informative. They can be romantic, or goofy, or exciting. Determining your sound is something we can help you with at On Air.

Be consistent through all your audio: Your audio brand needs to be consistent anywhere your business might present audio to someone. It doesn't need to be precisely the same, but your brand's general tone should always be present. It's essential to keep this in mind when selecting scripting music and voiceover talent to share your brand voice.

Get started with On Air

The cool thing about audio branding is that it allows you to enhance the way people feel about your company. In addition to that, it will help people remember your business while improving customer loyalty.

On Air offers all-things audio. From on-hold messages, phone greetings to commercial recordings, e-learning audio, video voiceovers, and more, we can help you develop the audio brand that aligns with your company's overall brand.

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