5 ideas for how you can spread holiday cheer as a business

5 ideas for how you can spread holiday cheer as a business

The holidays have always been a time for giving and spreading joy to those around us. This year more than others, we can use that extra boost of cheer. We’ve gathered some fun and practical ways you can spread some holiday cheer as a business. Let’s make the season bright for your staff, customers, and community.


Many people put their Christmas lights and decorations up in November to help share some early holiday joy. Decorating the workplace can be a fun thing for your employees and clients. Even if you’re operating on reduced staff, or your team comes into the workplace in intervals, seeing those Christmas decorations can help make the season bright. If you are running a remote workforce, encourage your team to decorate a little behind their desks. You can even spread some holiday cheer in your video meetings.

2.Show customer appreciation

We should always make sure our customers know how much their business and support is appreciated, but Christmas is a good time to do something a little special. Send out virtual holiday greetings or Christmas cards to say thank you. Offer discounts or specials for the holidays or long-time clients, donate to a local charity on their behalf, or pick up the phone and say thanks. A little appreciation goes a long way.

3.Support local businesses

As small businesses, we must continue to support each other. Not only does that mean shopping local as much as possible, but it also means promoting each other. Give a shoutout to the local businesses in your community on your social media channels. Share their content and specials. Tell your customers about the services and products your business neighbours offer. Read more ways to support your local business community during COVID-19.

4.Update your message on hold and phone system greetings

Now is an excellent time to change your message on hold and phone system prompts and greetings for the holidays. You can swap your regular message on hold for holiday music. Be sure to update your callers with your holiday hours and closures, thank them for their support, and give your best holiday wishes. If you want to change up your message on hold or greetings for the season, get in touch with us.

5.Donate to a local charity

More of our neighbours are depending on local charities this year to make it through the holidays. If you have the resources, make donations to local charities so they can continue to help others in the community. If you’re unsure where to give, check out this detailed listing of Calgary charities that could use your help right now.

We wish you all the best this holiday season!