5 automated phone greeting script examples

5 automated phone greeting script examples

How your automated phone system greets and directs callers can make or break their customer experience. If the messages relayed by the auto-attendant are confusing, or if there’s no way they can change their mind and speak with a person, you might lose the call.

If you use one, your automated phone system is the first point of contact a caller makes with your business. You want to make the best first impression. Instead of a complex series of robotic instructions, choose a friendly, warm voice offering simple phone prompts to guide the caller to the person or information they’re looking for.

Where to start? Here are some ideas:

1.  The main menu greeting.

If your auto-attendant starts with the main menu of options, it needs to be clear and have the option to speak with a human-being if the question isn’t answered by the list of options. Try something like this:

Hi, thank you for calling {insert company name}. If you know the extension of the department or person you’re trying to reach, you can dial it at any time.

  • To speak to someone in sales, press 1.
  • For customer support, press 2.
  • For accounting, press 3.
  • For our address and business hours, press 4.
  • Or if you’d like to speak to reception, press 0. You may press 9 to repeat the following options.

2.  For Bilingual callers.

Hello, thank you for calling {insert company name}, to continue service in English, press 1. For service in French, press 2.

Then you can go into your main menu options in the language of their choice.

3.  If you want to offer the operator first.

Some people, even most people, would always rather just speak to a person first, rather than listen to a recording of your office directory or department extensions. If you want to offer the operator first, try this:

Thank you for calling {insert company name}. Please choose from the following options:

  • If you’d like to speak with the operator, press 0.
  • For customer service, press 1.
  • For the sales department, press 2.
  • For accounts payable, press 3.
  • To listen to our staff directory, press 4.
  • To leave us a voicemail message, press 5.
  • Press 6 if you’d like us to repeat this menu.

4.  When they call outside of business hours.

Your callers should get a different phone prompt greeting when they call outside of business hours. This will let them know that you are closed, when you’re open again and give them some options to act upon now, so they don’t feel like they’re totally wasting their time. For example, you can send them to your website where they can find information they’re looking for or allow them to leave a voicemail message to someone specific within the company.

Thank you for calling {insert company name}. We’re sorry, but our office is currently closed. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Mountain Time.

  • To leave us a message, press 1. Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • To leave a message with someone specific, listen to our company directory by pressing 2.
  • Feel free to email us at {insert company email} and someone will respond within the next business day.

5.  Phone prompt greetings for the holidays

When Christmas rolls around, you might consider customizing a special holiday greeting to help spread some festive cheer. It’s also a great opportunity to give callers information about any specials you might have during the Christmas season and when you will be closed for the holidays.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for calling {insert company name}. From now until December 24th, we are offering a special 10% discount on all purchases. Remember, we will be closed from December 25th to January 2nd and we wish you all the best this holiday season.

  • To speak with a representative, press 1.
  • To place an order, press 2.
  • To inquire about an existing order, press 3.
  • To speak to accounting, press 4.
  • Pres the star key to repeat the menu options.

Phone prompt scripting and recordings.

While there are many other script options for your automated phone system, these examples should give you a general idea. On Air offers scripting and professional phone prompt recordings and can help you create greetings that will be welcoming, clear and concise, and engaging for callers.

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